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Y’all know I absolutely LOVE to chat about what I am passionate about.  We started the lesson in our The Love Yourself Challenge  this week about gratitude.   For me the intertwining worlds of gratitude, body image, and the art of boudoir photography is so incredibly important.  . If you’re expecting a fancy, sugar-coated spiel on self-love, that’s not what this is. I’m here to keep it real, sharing insights from my journey as a boudoir photographer.

Why Gratitude Isn’t Just a Buzzword

Gratitude sounds like one of those wellness trends, right?  It’s not about sending thank you cards to your hips or writing love letters to your cellulite. It’s simpler and way more impactful: shifting your focus from nitpicking to noticing the good stuff. Yes, even when it comes to how we see our bodies.

In the studio, I meet lots of women  wrestling with their self-image. They’re often tangled up in what society tells them they should look like. My job? To help untangle that mess. And guess what? Gratitude is one of my go-to tools. It’s about getting clients to change their perspective  from obsessing over ‘imperfections’ to celebrating the incredible stories their bodies tell.

Gratitude vs. Body Image Battles

Here’s the deal: negative body image doesn’t pop up overnight. It’s like a vine that grows from comparisons, unrealistic ideals, and harsh self-judgment. Gratitude cuts through that vine by changing the narrative. Instead of focusing on what you think you lack, it’s about valuing what you’ve got. And no, it’s not pretending everything’s perfect. It’s about not letting the imperfections define you.

During sessions, wesometimes throw in simple gratitude prompts. Think: “What’s one thing your body helped you achieve?” or “What do you genuinely like about yourself?” Sounds basic, but the shift can be huge. It’s not about erasing insecurities; it’s about not letting them define you.

Keeping It Real with Gratitude

Integrating gratitude doesn’t mean every session turns into a feel-good fest. Real talk: some moments are tough. But often, those tough moments lead to breakthroughs. Seeing yourself through a lens of gratitude isn’t about glossing over the real stuff. It’s about recognizing your strength, resilience, and yes, beauty, in a genuine way.

The photos we create? They’re not just about looking sexy or pretty. They’re about capturing a moment in time where you saw yourself differently. And often, they’re a reminder of that shift in perspective—like, “Hey, I’m actually pretty badass.”

Spreading the Vibes

Gratitude’s ripple effect is real. When you start seeing yourself in a more positive light, it shows. You start carrying yourself differently. Maybe you even inspire someone else to rethink their own self-image. And that’s what it’s all about: sparking a little change, one photo shoot at a time.

Wrapping It Up

Let’s be clear: embracing your body, with all its quirks and stories, isn’t an overnight journey. And gratitude? It’s not a magic pill. But in my experience, it’s a damn good place to start. It’s about celebrating the real you, not the overly  airbrushed, filtered version. So here’s to seeing the good, embracing the journey, and maybe, just maybe, snapping some killer photos along the way.

Remember, it’s not about reaching a destination of perfect self-love. It’s about appreciating yourself , bumps and all. Cheers to that.



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