So many women are scared to book a boudoir shoot because they are afraid….

Afraid of stepping out of their box, afraid of investing in themselves, afraid to get undressed in front of a stranger, afraid that their “flaws” would be too much, afraid that they would not like their images, or even afraid that they would not know what to do…or how to even look sexy.  the whole thought of it is entirely overwhelming.  So over the next few weeks I want to address these fears individually and any other that you want me to talk about (just leave me a note in the comments)

Today I want to take about knowing what to do.   Boudoir seems very mysterious, sensual and for a lot of women that is super intimidating because they feel that they are “awkward” or don’t know how to look sexy…I am pretty sure that no-one I know is arching their back so much they end up on top of their head on the daily.    We are just real women, and so are my clients.  Non make up wearing, messy bun hot messes that we all are most days.  Yet they look fucking amazing when they come back to see their images.

You wanna know what their secret is???  Its quite simply that they put their trust in their photographer.  You know that things translate differently to a camera…and in order to get those ultra sexy photos you all crave, you have to exaggerate the movements.  In my sessions I pose you from head to toe. I coach you for the best facial expression.  I make sure that straps aren’t twisted and lingerie fits perfectly for your body type and coloring. I won’t take the photo if its not right.  I am never ever going to tell you to “look sexy”  or give me a sexy face” Hell I dont even know what that means.

I am going to pose your body the best way for you. I am going to give you cues as to what to do with your face and I am damn good at getting exactly the emotion I want for a certain photo.

Quite simply there is no way for you to fuck it up.  


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Honest.  I promise.  I don’t care how unsexy you think you are….I don’t care how awkward you think you are.  You. Can. Not. Fail. ….the only thing you have to do is follow directions.   and hell even then I can just move you if I need to.

All you have to do is walk thru the door. We take care of everything for you.  Our hair and make up team is amazing.  I have a huge ass wardrobe. Hell you even get a massage from our in house massage therapist to soothe those aching muscles after.   You got this.

So tell that fear to shut the fuck up

till next week