Like many women, you’re probably wondering what the hell a vision board is and why you need one. Relax, I’m here to explain everything.

 A vision board is simply a tool that can help you visualize your goals and dreams. By putting together a board of images and words that represent what you want to achieve, you can keep your goals at the forefront of your mind and work towards making them a reality. Sound like something you’d be interested in? 

It can be as complicated or as simple as you want….after all this is YOUR vision board.  Some women like to do it digitally. Pinterest is fucking amazing for this actually.  There are all sorts of mood board apps that you can use as well.  One of my favorites is morpholio board.  Its a quick app on my phone that I can use to design my digital vision board.  Pro tip?  It’s also what I use to create new set designs so I can make sure everything works together the way I hope.

This year I decided to do a vision board that was old school.  That’s right I pulled out the poster board glue sticks and magazines to create mine.  It was soooo therapeutic.

No matter how you decide you want to create your vision board the next big question is what the hell do I put on it?

It. Can. Be. Anything

  • Experiences that will change your thinking (ummm…book a Boudoir session perhaps?)
  • Things you wish to purchase
  • Trips you would like to take
  • Goals you want to reach
  • Rituals you want to create or continue
  • Your word of the year
  • Self care ideas
  • Beautiful images that make you happy
  • Things that are important to you
  • The list goes on and on!!

For me this year it was:

  • Boudoir business goals
  • Coaching goals
  • Trips that my family wants to take
  • A new bed that I am saving for
  • Reminders to move my body and eat good healthy food
  • Focus on body positivity
  • And to take time to just be and relax…aka self love 

So don’t overthink it sis.  Vision boards are just a visual reminder of what you want out of the year and are personal to you.  

Let me know in the comments how you created yours!!