Oh hell yes, let’s dive into the gritty, glorious world of why I shoot boudoir, and trust me, it’s not your run-of-the-mill, sugar-coated crap. This is raw, real, and straight from the heart—because at the end of the day, it’s all about empowering women to embrace their fierce, flawless selves, no matter what.

The Wake-Up Call

Let’s kick this off with a little story. Picture this: my teen daughter, staring at herself in the mirror, angst written all over her face because of her “lack of thigh gap.” It broke my damn heart. I said “sweetheart you should love your body!” She came back as only a teenager could with , “Why should I love my body when you don’t love yours?” it hit me like a ton of bricks. Damn. When did I become that person? That was my wake-up call. I realized that if I’m preaching self-love, I better damn well be practicing it too.

Empowerment Through the Lens

That’s where boudoir comes into play. This isn’t just photography; it’s a full-on revolution. It’s about saying “fuck that” to society’s standards of beauty and embracing every inch of our bodies. I shoot boudoir because I want to light that fire of empowerment in every woman who steps in front of my lens. It’s about capturing that raw, undeniable beauty that radiates from the inside out.

Size and Age? Just Numbers, Baby

Here’s the thing: society has been shoving this bullshit notion down our throats that only certain sizes and ages are deemed “sexy.” I call major bullshit on that. In my studio, size and age are just numbers—they don’t define you, and they sure as hell don’t define your sexiness. Every curve, every line, every mark tells a story, and it’s about damn time we celebrated them all.

More Than Just Titles

Listen, being a wife and a mom are roles that many cherish deeply, and that’s beautiful. But guess what? You’re so much more than just titles. You’re a goddess, a powerhouse, a force to be reckoned with. Through boudoir, I want to remind you of that. It’s easy to get lost in the daily grind, to forget the woman you are beneath all the roles you play. My mission? To help you remember. To help you see yourself through fresh eyes and to reignite that spark of confidence and self-love.

The Real Deal

Shooting boudoir is my way of throwing a giant middle finger to the unrealistic standards and expectations we’re bombarded with every day. It’s my form of rebellion, my way of helping women reclaim their power and their self-worth. It’s not just about sexy photos; it’s a transformative experience that shouts, “Hell yes, I’m amazing just as I am.”

So there you have it, the raw, uncensored reason behind why I shoot boudoir. It’s more than just a job; it’s a passion, a calling, and an honor. If I can help even one woman see herself as the absolute queen she is, then I’ve done my job.