I think most of you know that I have been around for a long time. I have photographed hundreds and hundreds of women in every age, shape, size and ethnicity you can think of.   Fact is this…not one single woman has come into my studio saying that they absolutely love everything about their body.  AND THATS OK.   Most women come in with a laundry list of what they hate and can barely name one thing they can say that they like….AND THATS OK.

It all comes down to our own perspective.  for many of us, we have been taught to hate the things we dont see as “a perfect body image”  but in reality that is completely contrived.  Perfect is an illusion and even the woman you saw who has the body type you would love hates something about her self too.

REREAD WHAT I JUST SAID.   seriously. No one is fucking happy with their body.  I just posted an image this weekend and I saw many comments about how people only wished they looked like that….trust me, she has things she hates about her body too.


The issue is that what we see as our “flaws” are what we focus on, what we obsess over and what blow up to be waaaaaay the fuck bigger and badder than what they actually are.   Its all about perspective.

Its about posture, angles, lighting, posing and really its about focus.  We as women make what we see is flaws huge….and in reality its not what is even noticable

I shoot 8 women a month.  You would likely never guess what they hate about their body.  You would likely never guess that they were just terrified to walk in my door.  You would never guess that they were self conscious as fuck too and that those little negative voices weren’t shouting that she would hate her images even though she loved my work

But you know what?  They came in anyway.  You have seen their photos…you have commented on them, on how hot they are, how gorgeous they look, how confident they must be….

But most importantly, they have seen that.  They have changed that perspective.  They were able to focus on their beauty instead of obsessing over their flaws and they saw that those things they hated so much weren’t so damn bad after all.

You dont have to be confident to come in and to do a boudoir session… its the whole fucking reason you do one….to become confident, to change your perspective and to be able to see yourself the way someone else does.

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