Featured Client Friday


I will be a 100% honest blogging is not my favorite.  Like at all.  I (like most of us) am my own worst critic and I don’t feel like I write all eloquently or even really that well.  So I do what most of us do when we are not good at something….

I put it off.  and what seems like a week or two ends up being months and months.


The weird thing?  I love reading what my clients have to say. I love seeing how we can do it even better. I love constructive criticism and seeing how we made a difference.    So I am hoping you will help hold me accountable and we can bring Featured Client Friday back in a big way.  And feel free to nag me if you find me procrastinating. Sometimes I just need my ass pushed to do what I dont do well naturally

Practice makes perfect right?


Enough about me.  I want you to meet Nicole.  She came in a while back and completely KILLED her session with Brie❤️




  • 47 Higher Education Adminstrator



  • Wanted to give my husband a unique gift for our anniversary.


  • I was not sure what to expect and I did not know how I would feel during the session.



  • I thought that I would be more ambivalent during the session, but I was totally comfortable due to how slowly you eased me into actually posing for the camera.



  • I loved the reason that Amy started her business . I believe that all women should love their own bodies and seeing that lived out was amazing .



  • I was taken aback at how natural and fun they were. Brie captured my personality while pushing me just a tad outside of my comfort zone .



  • I realized that I am much more comfortable with my own body than I was when I was younger . And even though this session was meant to be a gift for my husband it actually for me as well.



  • Do not worry about doing this , it is much easier than you think and it was a very empowering experience.



  • I felt incredibly strong and beautiful during the session and once I saw my photos.



  • I enjoyed working with The Intimate Story. I had been considering doing a session for a while but never felt good about it going through with it until I came across your page . Both Amy and Brie were very helpful and answered all of my questions.




Thank You Nicole for trusting us and for sharing how you felt!!!  We are so grateful to you!!


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