Its funny to me that when I started considering boudoir photography how many people didn’t know what exactly it was. As a photographer I hear about it all the time…its a popular genre and shows up on my Facebook feeds quite frequently.

But for other people in Fort Wayne,  its definitely not as common to hear about.

So I thought I might give you all a low down on what Boudoir is.

Boudoir is french for in the bedroom. But not all boudoir photography actually takes place there, in fact even outdoor boudoir is becoming more and more popular.


Boudoir is personal.  What feels sexy to one woman may not feel sexy to another.  It’s not only about fishnet stockings and garter belts for example. Its not necessarily about getting naked in front of someone.    Those can be great …but are not for everyone.  Sometimes just a white shirt can be incredibly sexy.  Implied nudity and the power of suggestion are pretty amazing things as well.

Its not only for women with size 2 bodies.  I am most certainly not a size 2 myself.  I believe that as women we need to embrace our bodies just exactly as they are. I don’t care what size you wear, we all need to love our curves.   I hear all the time, “I would love to do a boudoir session…as soon as I lose 10 pounds”.  I hear the same thing in my FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY business. It breaks my heart.   The fact is that you are beautiful right now.  You should document that right now.  Life is waaaay too short.  What about what you see as your problem areas?  Those can be minimized and the points of your body that you do like will be accentuated.  Its amazing when you can see your body as a whole after you stop focusing only on what you see as your flaws.

I am very passionate that boudoir is not  a gift women give to their partners…it is a gift that we give to ourselves.  Its amazing how fun and empowering it really is…not to mention its a heck of a work out!  When are able to see ourselves in a different way, our entire perspective of ourself changes and  that perspective then changes how we view the world.