How Tanning Can Impact Your Boudoir Photos.

Last week we talked about the common question of  whether or not you need to lose weight for a session  but another question that a lot of women ask is  “should I tan/spray tan before my boudoir session?”

To put it as simply as possible, the answer is: Hell No!

Now before you start thinking: “why the hell not?” Let me explain! While most of us love a great glow and want that extra boost of confidence, tanning can come with a ton of fucking complications and screw ups!

For instance, say you want a quick color so you opt in for a spray tan. The problem with that is, you have to wait for dry time, hope that it was applied evenly, and that you chose the right shade so you don’t look like a bag of fucking orange Cheetos. Spray tans will typically stick to dry patches of the skin more so than others and that also creates unevenness. Once it is on it’s pretty tough to scrub off. If you don’t That will absolutely show in your photos.

Plus if you are not used to spray tanning, the tanning salon you go to most definitely matters.  Trust me

As for the sun beds, you heavily risk being burnt because you go too long or too often prior to your session to achieve that glow you want, which then turns into a hot fucking burnt redness and later peeling of the skin. Not to mention tan lines that seem to sneak in there! Absolutely not recommended. Plus its not exactly good for you.

I totally understand that you do not want to look washed out for your session! So honestly the way I light and shoot means we have a lot of highlights and shadow.  That depth is going to cause a natural glow all on its own.  And you most definitely do not need to change yourself to come in for a session!!!

Here’s until next time loves! Allow yourself to feel as beautiful as you truly are.

-Amy 😘



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