Its time for little tough love Wednesday loves…

As a boudoir photographer, the most asked question or statement I receive is “Should I lose weight before my session?” My answer? FUCK NO! Hearing the majority of women asking this is so so heartbreaking.   Being able to change this is exactly why I love shooting boudoir. Let me break it the fuck down for you.

Women!!! You are far more worthy than a number on the scale or the size jeans you wear! Do not let that number dictate how you feel about yourself. You are fucking gorgeous and powerful regardless of your shape and size. That number absolutely does not define you! Boudoir is about capturing your true inner beauty, your true self, the beauty in your eyes that reflects your beautiful soul, the beauty behind that smile, the beauty of those killer fucking curves that are uniquely yours and yours alone! Every last person on this earth has imperfections. Own them and wear them proudly!

Do not forget you are your own worst enemy.  No one is fixated on what it is you dislike about your body, trust me they are too damn worried about focusing on the things they hate about themselves.  I promise.  No one is judging you but you.

When it comes to boudoir photography, I can totally assure you that with the right posing, lighting and wardrobe you will forget hating all of those self claiming flaws. Instead my mission is to help you view yourself in a different positive light and fall madly in love with yourself flaws and all! Because THAT is what boudoir is truly about. Loving the gorgeous imperfect skin you are in. By the time your session is over you will feel more confident than ever! I guarantee it.

Honestly unless you are going for a complete body change and planning on losing like 50 or more pounds you don’t need to  sweat it.  The camera doesnt actually add 10 pounds you know???  And if you are going to do major body change wouldn’t it be amazing to see the transformation?

Please remember, you are not defined by your size! You are worthy and fucking gorgeous! Do not let your weight stop you from allowing yourself to see how truly beautiful you really are. Until next time loves!

-Amy 💋



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