Hey Lovelies

Switching it up today and letting someone else write our blog!  This time its from a clients own words and her experience.  What brought her in, what its REALLY like and how it ultimately transformed her.  Plus a whole lot of super sexy images to show off too.   Thank you Brandi!!!!!!  For sharing from your ❤️

If you ask  people what comes to mind with “boudoir photography” most instantly think of sexy photos that a woman has taken to gift her partner. Maybe for Valentine’s Day gift or a wedding present. In my experience most think it’s something you do for someone else. However, boudoir photography can be one of the greatest things a woman can do FOR HERSELF.

For years my self confidence was destroyed by a partner who didn’t value me. In turn, I no longer saw value in myself. After leaving that relationship I was left feeling like a shell of a woman. This really became a problem for me once I was in a new relationship with a new partner. He valued me not only emotionally and mentally, but physically as well. I could not wrap my mind around the fact that someone saw me in this light. I began noticing how much my opinion of myself was holding me back. I wouldn’t put on the swimsuit and go to the pool. I wouldn’t wear the cute, fitted outfit to date night. I didn’t want to take pictures to capture memories of our new experience together. I realized just how much I was missing out on in life simply because I didn’t feel like I could be seen as beautiful.

One day I came across a post from Amy for a modeling call for The Intimate Story. For years I had read numerous posts in Amy’s group from women who had their own photo shoot, and how much it changed their perspective about themselves. Somethinging in me thought maybe this is what I need. I applied for the model call. I did not think in a million years I would be chosen. One day I found a message from Amy in my inbox saying I was being considered for a photo shoot. I was paralized with fear. We spoke on the phone and it was like speaking with my biggest hype girl. Going into the phone call I kept telling myself there was no way I could do this. By the end of the phone call, Amy had me so excited for my shoot day.

As my photo shoot date approached, Amy made sure everything was covered. She sent me a full packet of information with do’s and don’ts and items to make sure you have for your shoot. She was available to answer any questions leading up to the big day. I never felt like any question a bother to her. Amy wants to make sure you are as prepared as possible. No detail was left out.

Walking into the studio on shoot day was incredibly intimidating even with all the pep talks and information provided. One of the biggest concerns I think most people have is that they will not like their pictures. I can tell you this was still a major concern for me that morning. However all of that melted away once Amy whisked me away for hair, makeup and wardrobe choices. Amy is a magician at styling your outfits. I would have never made the choices she suggested, but I loved every single one of them on my body.

Once we started shooting, I couldn’t believe how much fun I was having. Conversation flowed so naturally while Amy posed me for each picture and encouraged me along the way. I had never met Amy in person prior to this day, but she made me feel so comfortable. The thought of being in a revealing outfit, or getting completely nude in front of a complete stranger is usually an incredibly daunting idea, but not with Amy. She works her magic with posing, lighting, outfit choices, and moral support. She is incredibly professional and a master at her artform. All I had to worry about that day was following her instructions.

I did not realize just how much my life would change during my photo reveal. As Amy started displaying images on the screen I was floored. I remember thinking that these photos were not me. This woman on the screen is beautiful. She is sexy. She looks so confidant. She was me. She still is me.

Being able to finally see myself through the lens that other see me was an incredible gift that Amy helped me give myself. I can pull those pictures out on any given bad day and remind myself how I felt in that studio that day. How empowered and in control of my life I finally felt. I truly believe a session with Amy is something every woman should experience for herself.