This is one of my favorite days…When I get to share how other gorgeous women feel about having a session.  Everyone you see here are real women, not models…just like you and I.  They have insecurities and history and have differing expectations.  I love love getting to share their words and celebrating their images with you!



I’m a nurse at Parkview



Something I didn’t even talk to any about was that I suffered from an eating disorder all through high school, so body image was a difficult thing for me to think about. I did this as a gift for my S.O., but it also was for me. I saw the photos Amy did for others and no matter the shape, size, or color they all looked amazing and beautiful. I knew if I did this, I could look back on the pictures when I don’t feel good about myself and notice all the good qualities in myself instead of the bad.

Well the biggest thing was I just worried of feeling awkward when it came to posing in underwear and looking weird in the process. I also worried a bit about doing the photo reveal of how I would look in the photos.

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My favorite part was the photo reveal. I looked back at the pictures and let remembering the session, and then seeing the work so beautifully done. I let looking at the photos and staring in awe at how amazing they are. Ever insecurity I had went away.


I was amazed. I kept saying “that’s me!?” And laughing with Amy thinking how crazy hot I look in them all. She truly is an artist but she kept assuring me it wasn’t all her. It was mostly me that brought it to the pictures.

Just go for it. After the first few shots you won’t even realie your half naked. It’s an amazing and empowering thing to do that every woman should do at least once.






My legs are my biggest insecurity, and I even remember during the shoot looking st them and thinking it’s gonna look bad still in the photos. But when I saw all the pictures, my legs looked strong and lean and amazing. Now I start thinking of them as a asset instead of an insecurity.

ITS AMAZING. I would recommend her to anyone. They take care of you from A-Z to make sure you’re confident and guide you through it all.


Have a fantastic week loves!!






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