We all know that I am kind of a shit show when it comes to blogging.  Its one of those weird mind fuck things that makes me stop before I even get started.  Anyone else suffer with this???  Just me? lol


Anywho there are so many amazing ladies who write the most beautiful testimonies for Brie and I that I really need to get my own limiting beliefs out of the way and just post them.  Soooo To make a long story short I am going to try to bring featured client Friday back.  We will see how it goes because I am far from perfect but I am going to shoot for half….26 beautiful souls.  If you want to see more than that you need to really join our private women’s group HERE because those women are amazing at hyping each other (and me and Brie) UP!!


In her own words:

I followed the Facebook and tiktok page for a very long time. Then there was a model call, after thinking and thinking I finally decided to submit my information for it. I was scared and nervous to say the least. After my first phone conversation with Amy it really put me at ease to know she’s just a normal person with no judgment (and we both love dogs).


I did what most people do I’m assuming, asked about the cheapest package. I’m not going to like the pictures anyway.


The day came and I was nervous but not as bad as I thought I would be.


Oh and asking about the cheapest package, I upgraded when I was there to look at all my pictures. I couldn’t decide which ones to keep, I liked so many more than I expected. I finally hung both of my canvases in my bedroom and absolutely love seeing them every day! I don’t have a ”perfect” body but I absolutely love looking at my own pictures. LOVE YOURSELF!