This beauty and I had such marvelous time when she came in for her session.  I am pretty sure I haven’t laughed that much in a long ass time!!!  I was so excited when she agreed to tell you all about her experience!



Registered Medical Assistant


After reading about all of the other women’s experiences it made me want to be able to share that same experience. I also wanted to do something extraordinary for myself and my husband.


Fear for sure, but once I was there and we started the session it all went away.


Absolutely! It was very fun and Amy and her crew made me feel right at home and we talked like we knew each other for years.



Looking at myself in the outfits and realizing that what I thought were my flaws aren’t flaws they’re what makes me beautiful.


I had a sneak peek of a couple but will see the rest of them this week, but I already know they’ll be great.



Just go for it!


Yes, I realized I am beautiful no matter what.


I absolutely loved it! Nothing needs to be changed.


I love nothing better than letting you hear from the women themselves how they felt about their boudoir session.  If you are considering it at all….Just drop me a note and we can chat about it.  I promise its the best thing you will ever do for you!



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