Hey lovelies,

One of the biggest obstacles to doing a boudoir session is some variation of I don’t know how to look, act, be sexy.  or I am not a sexy person. I am awkward….Sound familiar????  If so this is the blog post for you 🙂

Feeling this way is the biggest reason TO do a boudoir session.  You are feeling inadequate….less than,  not enough. You need to see that you are the beautiful sexy woman that you really are.    All the women that come to me for a boudoir session feel very similarly to you….thats what makes it so scary.  but in reality…I can promise you a few things that might make you feel a little better.

  • First off, I got you.  I promise.  There is absolutely zero chance that you can fuck this all up.  I simply won’t let that happen
  • I am going to tell you what to do with your hands, feet, even coach you in how to get those bomb ass facial expressions that look so damn sexy in my photos
  • You need to remember that every single woman who has ever come thru my door is JUST LIKE YOU.  Body insecurities, feeling inadequate, being afraid are NORMAL.   They pass quickly once you are here,
  • Even when I am on the other side of the camera (which I am…quite frequently) I want instruction.  Things look different in a camera then they do to the naked eye
  • I am never ever ever going to tell you to look sexy.  What the fuck does that mean anyway.  Trust me, you won’t hear anything like that here
  • Fear is a dirty ass liar.  You CAN do this.  You ARE beautiful,  You ARE sexy.  You Do deserve this


Boudoir is for every body. I don’t care your age shape size or relationship status.  Every single woman needs to take the time to see how beautiful she really is.  You won’t regret it…I promise.  You will have your mind blown with just how sexy you are once you allow yourself to see it.