Sneaky Ways to Avoid Tummy Bloat 


When I say: ‘tummy bloat’, I don’t mean the extra weight in your midsection 99.9% of women carry. I’m talking about the unwanted temporary stomach swelling that plagues all of us every so often. You know, that unfortunate side effect of having your period, or that ‘food baby’ you get after a hearty Thanksgiving dinner? Yeah, that shit.  


Let’s be real, there’s NEVER a good time to have bloating in your tummy, but the day of a boudoir session is, quite possibly, the worst time. So, I’m here to help! I’ve compiled a list of a few sneaky tricks to avoid that unwanted tummy bloat. None of which require not eating. 


I want to be very clear on this. You should NEVER not eat or force yourself to go hungry for the sake of vanity. It’s extremely unhealthy, unsafe, and can even cause you to gain MORE weight as your digestive system will interpret that lack of food as a need to store every calorie and ounce of fat you consume later on in the day.  


Now, with that said, let’s begin… 


#1) Eat smaller portions more slowly 


If you’re anything like me, you often experience the unfortunate tummy bloat right after eating a big meal. You can avoid this a couple different ways: 1) instead of eating 1 or 2 big meals, try eating several smaller portions throughout the day. This is not only easier on your metabolism, but also keeps it active, thus reducing your risk of bloat.  


Secondly, you can also try eating your food more slowly. When you swallow food too fast, it often results in you swallowing a lot of air as well. And too much air in your stomach results in, you guessed it, major stomach swelling. So, to avoid that post-meal bloat, try eating smaller portions and taking your time between bites. 


#2) Skip fizzy sodas and drink some water instead 


Sure, carbonated drinks may wake you up and give you a bit of extra energy, but they also contain a lot of gas that builds up in your stomach. In fact, the ingredients that make them so bubbly often create that same fizziness in your stomach. Not good.  


Also, all the crazy amounts of sweeteners, caffeine, and sugar in these beverages can often cause your tummy to bloat. So, try swapping our that Dr. Pepper for a water on the day of your session. Water not only helps with your digestion, but it also doesn’t incorporate any of the issues listed above. 


#3) Take a walk! 


Physical activity is a surefire way to help get your digestive system moving, which helps release some of that excess gas that’s causing your bloat. This can be especially powerful if you are feeling uncomfortable or constipated. Even a simple walk around the block or, if it’s cold outside, a few laps around the house can really give you some quick relief and reduce the amount of bloating. 



fort wayne boudoir photos, sexy pictures indiana, best boudoir photographer, indiana boudoir, boudoir photos near me, intimate portraiture, The intimate story#4) Relax in a warm bath 


Not only is the heat good for your skin, it can also give some quick relief to a swollen tummy. We all know the powers a relaxing bath can have on your stress level, but did you know that stress reduction can also help your digestive system run more efficiently and, therefore, help control bloating? It’s true! So there, now you have an excuse to go unwind in a nice warm bath (: 


Unfortunately, tummy bloat is something all of us humans have to deal with now and then. But hopefully these tips can help reduce the size and duration of your bloating, especially if it shows up on the day of your session!  







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