Hey girl!!!

We know that when considering boudoir session your brain immediately fills with all sorts of questions.  So  let’s get this rolling with some candid, straight-talk answers to the most common boudoir photography questions out there. Whether you’re toying with the idea of booking a session or just downright curious, here’s the lowdown on what people usually wonder about before stripping down for the camera.

1. “Will my photos end up online?”

Hell no, unless you want them to. Your privacy is the numero uno priority. We  are not in the business of sharing your pics without your say-so. You want them locked down tighter than Fort Knox? Consider it done.   Any image you see online we have been given explicit permission to share.

2. “Do I need to get stark naked?”

Hell no, unless you want to.  Boudoir is about you feeling like a million bucks, not doing anything that makes you uncomfortable. Lingerie, a favorite tee,  a sexy dress  or nothing at all—it’s your call, babe.

3. “What if I’m as photogenic as a potato?”

Listen, it’s OUR job to make you look banging, and trust me, we know our shit. We will guide you through poses that flatter you the most. You’re gonna look so good, you won’t believe it’s you.

4. “Is the glam part included??

Hell yes.  This is an experience.  Completely a day of YOU!  We will get you cozy in a spa robe and slippers, pour you a beverage and let our fabulous hair and make up team get you glammed up❤️

5. “Do I have to go shopping for fancy lingerie?”

Only if you want to! Got an old band tee and some killer boots? Perfect. This shoot is about capturing your essence, not breaking the bank. Wear what makes you feel sexy.  We also have a huge client closet to style you from too.  So really you could walk in off the street and be good to go

6. “What if I have stretch marks/cellulite/[insert perceived flaw here]?”

Welcome to being human! Everyone has stuff they’re self-conscious about, but remember, you’re a work of art. Plus, we honestly work magic with lighting and angles, and if you want, a touch of retouching. You’re gorgeous, full stop.

7. “Is there a weight limit or age limit?”

Fuck no. Boudoir photography is for every body. It’s about celebrating who you are right now, not who society says you should be. Embrace it!

8. “What should I do with my face?”

Relax. You’re not auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. Your photographer will help you with expressions and find your best angles. Just breathe and be yourself; you’re gonna kill it.

9. “Can I bring a friend?”

Sure, if it makes you feel more comfortable. Just make sure they’re the supportive cheerleader type, not someone who’s gonna throw your vibe off.  PS. They have to be female.  No voyeuristic stuff going on here.

10. “How long until I get my photos?”

Patience, darling. Good things take time. Usually you can  expect a couple weeks for the magic to be finalized. It’s worth the wait we promise.

11. “What’s the deal with posing? I’m no yoga master.”

No worries. You don’t need to be flexible; you just need to be willing to trust us.  Rule of thumb is the more awkward the pose feels the more fire the photo.  we will   guide you through everything and make sure you look absolutely fab.  Its 100% guaranteed.

12. “Is it worth the money?”

100%. It’s more than just photos; it’s an experience—a chance to see yourself in a new light, to celebrate your body and who you are. You’re investing in feeling like a total badass, and can you really put a price on that?

We also offer prepayment plans on our collections to fit any budget!!!  You may need to be a bit more patient on coming in but we will work with you.

So there you have it, the straight-up answers to the boudoir FAQs.

It’s all about embracing and celebrating yourself, and honestly, everyone should feel like a total knock-out at least once in their life. Anything I forgot??? Drop it in the comments!!!