10 Tips To Keep It Sexy

There are many different ways to be sexy! We have you completely covered and aim to give you that confident boost you crave. We have you covered from your outward appearance down to your mindset! Let’s dive in shall we?

1.) Eye Contact!
Nothing is more fucking sexy and appealing than a woman who makes great eye contact. This does not need to necessarily be with your partner! Having great eye contact with anyone shows domination, appeal, assertiveness and most importantly CONFIDENCE. Yes girls, look them dead in the eye and make them feel your soul!!

2.) You’ve got a brain; use that beautiful thing!
Having challenging and assertive conversations increases interest from others. Expressing interests, reading up on new material, and getting informed is a real game changer and factor in sex appeal.

3.) Expose your wrists!
Did you know that the glands in your wrists release pheromones? Pheromones can trigger feelings of attraction from others.

4.) Test out some sexy lingerie.
There is ALWAYS a set of lingerie that is made for any and every body type! Go try some on and embrace that beautiful fucking bad ass body that is uniquely yours! Even a matching bra and panty set can do wonders

5.) Touch yourself
Hell yes we are definitely taking it there! Those who masturbate know exactly what they like when they are Intimate with a partner. When you touch yourself, you learn what you like and want which leads to being super fucking hot and confident in the bedroom.

6.) Undoing yourself a bit
Whether you undo a button on your blouse, mess your hair up a bit or smudge that bottom eye liner a little can absolutely make you look and feel sexy! There is something about that “I just had fun in bed” look that really makes you feel and look extra sexy.

7.) Slow down
Research shows that when we slow down about 10% of our speech, the pace in our walk and accentuate our movements, it makes you feel and appear sexier to others.

8.) Wear heels
If you want a quick way to feel sexier with a confidence boost, wear the fuck out of some heels! They do not need to be stilettos by any means. Even a simple pump will get the job done! if you can’t wear heels, try some high boots!!!

9.) Challenge yourself
Whether it be your personal life or work life, making small challenges for yourself big or small gives you that boost of confidence you crave. When you succeed in the challenges you create for yourself it makes you more sexier than ever. 

10.) Use a sexy scent!!
It’s no secret that scent plays a huge fucking role in sex appeal. With practicing great hygiene habits and adding in a sexy scent you will be surprised what that can do.






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