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Why Wednesday



fort wayne boudoir, boudoir photos, boudoir pics, sexy pictures fort wayne So this is not really a what to wear post, but rather a why to do it Wednesday.     I get a lot of lovely ladies who message me daily about a boudoir session….and that is fantastic.  I love love love all the fun I get to have helping create gorgeous grooms gifts, birthday surprises, and anniversary memories!  It really is so. much. fun.   But I think today I want to talk about the why.     What brings you to my door?   What makes you reach out and what you want to achieve out of your session…    For the majority of you, its not the gift you are trying to create…and thats ok:)


If you have met with me personally I have told you that your hubby’s birthday or your upcoming wedding is fantastic reason do do a boudoir session and it is…..but its also just quite honestly the excuse.


The session is for you….the images…well, those are the souvenirs.


I think as women it is hard for us to do things like this for ourselves, but I also think its important that we realize the necessity of it.


You matter.


I don’t care if you have 10, 20, 60 pounds you still need to loose.  you matter.  This stage of your life is important…honor it


I don’t care if you are bloated, have acne, sunburns or whatever…you matter…accepting your body for the beautiful creation it is is so so so empowering



I don’t care if you have kids….you matter.    In order to keep giving you need to take care of yourself first.  what better example can a mother set for her daughter than by loving and embracing her body?


I don’t care if you have stretch marks, scars,  cellulite…  you matter.  Those imperfections do not define you


A boudoir session is so so so much more than a stack of images or a fancy album.  It is you saying yes you matter.  It is seeing yourself as a whole person.  It is you accepting yourself as you are right now.  In whatever season of life you are in.  Its about stepping out of the box that says you can’t.


Its about allowing yourself to feel as beautiful as you really are. 


Why as women are we not supposed to see our own beauty?  That it is vain to do so.    Why is that perceived as wrong,  yet we wonder how we are raising a generation of women who are more lacking in self confidence than ever before?


The women who come and see me?  They all leave understanding the real reason behind their session.  They usually are super happy to share it and anxious to come back again.    The sessions end up being so so so much more than the gifts they initially intended them to be.  It ends up being a greater gift to themselves.


Stepping off my soapbox












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