What to wear Wednesday | the legs in boudoir
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What to wear Wednesday |ft wayne boudoir photography


So last week I chatted about How to hide tummies,  the next biggest problem area that I hear about are women’s legs.   Whether women just feel that they carry their weight in their thighs or have that dratted cellulite, stretch marks or spider veins, legs…and especially the thighs can be a real concern for women coming in for a boudoir session.  Thighs tend to be a bit more exposed as well…you are not usually going to wear pants when you are getting boudoir pictures done are you?


My first go to would be stockings.  Thigh high stockings hold in so so so much!!  they slim the leg in dark colors, they are super sexy and really pretty inexpensive.  They hide any varicose veins and really just give an overall long line to your leg that is very slimming.

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High heels do a great deal to extend the length of your leg as well.  You don’t have to be able to walk in them well to wear them in a boudoir session.


ft wayne boudoir photographer, boudoir photographs

Another popular choice would be oversized jerseys, tops or robes.   These are still very sexy but put the emphasis on your face or cleavage rather than your legs themselves….I also do that with posing.  Pointing your toes for example, can make your legs look much much longer than simply just leaving it natural.


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